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2012 Ford Focus SE Battery/Charging System Issues

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Hey guys,

New with all this so bare with me. Just put in a new 590CCA battery in my focus about 3 days ago, haven't noticed any audible/mechanical issues with the vehicle until one day I decided to stress the new battery with a SOH test, cranking test and a charging test to see how the entire system was working since it is a old-ish car. The battery is outputting a static 11.7v after sitting overnight tested showing a 100% battery health with a 93% charge, with the crank test it was showing a sub 2.8s start on average showing the battery was dipping to 8.8v on startup but on average the crank voltage was around 9.3v after a few starts. With the charging test after startup it was jumping to 14.8-14.95v then settling at 14.6v after a minute of the engine running. Based off of the very little knowledge I have on batteries and charging systems, what could be causing such a low cranking voltage dip and such a low static voltage without having any issues with the vehicle starting up at all + the brand new battery?

A few key pieces of info:

-Temperatures right now are hovering around 7-8c on average but get to -5 at night

-Terminals and connectors are clean and no signs of damage

-Car has 170k km if that makes a difference

Hopefully I'm posting this in the right area and hopefully we can figure this out!


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