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Any good resources or guides on replacing a mk4 condenser?


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Hi all,

I have a leaking condenser, and have purchased a new one which will be delivered in the next few days.

2009 mk4 pre-facelift 2.0Tdci manual..

Does anyone have any good resources, guides, how-to on replacing it? I've searched the forum but can't see anything which fits the bill. 
I know that I will need to replace the drier/accumulator too - that was a good bit of advice already received from a friend.

Willing to share the teardown and replace on here for everyone else when I do it.


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You will need new O rings, but your replacement might come with them (or not).... On my mk3, the radiator and condenser are attached to each other, and bolted at the base. The bolts were so corroded I had to remove the front bumper and an intercooler pipe  to gain proper access to the bolts. The 2 connectors I seem to recall needing a female torx to refit, but that was OK as I had them in my Halfords tool set. You don't really need to replace the dryer, btw. My 18 year old car's a/c worked very well with the original one once it was refilled, but if you insist on changing it, I 'think' (not sure) you need a special tool to disengage the connectors.  Had a look on youtube? 

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