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mondeo mk4 1.8tdci over heating

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all in all car was over heating and I suspected water pump which I was right.... but then still over heating so I swapped out thermostat the oil one must of been with the car since car was new is was that rusty

anyway changed all that out and everything was fine but now 2 months on I can't drive 5miles with filling it up with water I can't see any leaks but I'll have proper look. there is no oil in coolant no coolant in oil but sometimes I am losing hot air I guessing this lost of coolant

Once I drove 30mile down motorway but it in 6th and temp shot up the after a few min it went bk Down to normal 

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just an update I changed oil today before hand I was getting 8.7/100L now I'm getting 11.8/100L and the car is losing more coolant tru the over flow more than ever..... but on upside the the car is driving perfectly more response from turbo and engine seems more responsive faster if ya like..

the last time fuel was this bad was wen I changed fuel filter which was black the km per gallon went from 19.0/100L to 8.6/100L 

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