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I have a 2016 mk5 Mondeo with the 'X pack' fitted, meaning the rear windows are tinted/blacked out. I want to install a front and rear dash cam set up but need some advice regarding the rear camera.

With the rear window heavily tinted I'm thinking an internal camera wouldn't be adequate enough to capture footage. Has anyone fitted an external cam to the rear of the mk5, either with a number plate mounted set up or something similar to the reversing camera mounted near the tail gate release button? 

Many thanks


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Hi, an internal camera will record and capture fine. I had factory tint on my Mk5 and it was fine, subsequently I've had a focus MK3.5 and a Mercedes A Class both with factory tints and no problems at all. 


I'm admin on an active Mk5 group, dashcams are discussed a lot and a lot of members run them, anything from cheap Chinese cameras all the way up to BlackVue etc. We will be able to show you footage and advise re fitting etc if you need it





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Hi, I agree with Jonro, I have fitted rear dashcams to at least 10 cars all with factory tinted black rear windows and all the cameras have worked fine, perhaps even a little better if bright sunlight is shining through the back window

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Thanks all, I have a front facing cam (cheap argos tat). I'll try this in the back and see how the image looks and go from there. 

Once I've tried it I'll post up on here with the results. 

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