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S-Max 2014 model - QuickClear earth point replacement

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Hi all,

The QuickClear windscreen in my 2014 S-Max 2.0l diesel stopped working one morning after I turned it on, went back in the house for something and came back to find the car's interior filled with white smoke. My Ford dealer said that at some point the windscreen had been replaced and whoever replaced it failed to tighten the earth strap which is above the central sunglass holder to the correct torque. This caused the connection to heat up under load and burn the surrounding trim. He recommended that I get the windscreen replaced at a cost of around £400.

I suspected before this that the windscreen had been replaced because the plastic trim on the driver's side has marks on it where the amateur who did it prised it out with a pair of pliers or similar.

I thought I'd try cleaning the earth strap up and reconnecting it to see whether it would work, but it's too far gone (see pictures attached).

My questions:

1) Is it possible to replace the strap separately to the whole windscreen?
2) If it is possible to replace it, would anyone know the part number?
3) I'd like to remove the sunglass holder to get a better look at the wiring etc. underneath. Does anyone know how to do this?

Many thanks in advance!







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