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Intermittent oil pressure 🤷‍♂️

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I have got a Petrol S-Max 2.0 240ps Ecoboost that every garage i go to point blank refuses to work on it as its apparently to complicated & there not a well known engine. 

After fitting a new Vanos that was completely buggered and then a tutbo i have come to the conclusion there seems to be a intermittent oil pressure problem (with part that rely heavily on oil breaking) it goes really noisy then quietens down repeatedly.

One garage told me the oil pressure was low then the next told me it was actually better than it should be. 

It's blown a turbo & Vanos upto now & had two new oil pressure solenoids but just seems to be even more noisy 🙈.

In the video at 39 seconds i turn the camera sideways the change in noise is the engine its just sods law it changed tune whilst I turned the camera. 

Any advice or help would be highly appreciated.


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