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Hi everyone,

I’m not a Ford owner myself at the moment (Jaguar XF is my current car) but please don’t kick me out.  My son’s first car is a 2009 Fiesta so I’ve been lurking for a couple of years, reading others’ views and experiences of the car.  His has been a pretty good car, certainly better than the knackered Mk4 Cortina 1.6L I had when I was his age.  The subsequent Mk5 2.0GL I had was a completely different beast though.

I have to say this seems to be a friendly place, full of good advice and entertaining chat.  Much better than the rather stuffy Jaguar forum anyway!

I probably won’t post much or often but would like to say thanks to those who have and do.

All the best,

Neil (Midfield Diamond)

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Hi Neil

Welcome to the site.  Yes people are friendly and there be brains here too…  I do my best to contribute the little I can, but these guys have helped me loads.  I bet there are people here that would love to monkey with your old MK 4 if it was still around as it’s a real rare beast nowadays.  No CAN bus, ECU, or other “clever” stuff to worry about, just the fun of laying down an oil smoke trail and paying classic car insurance😃

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