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White smoke and loss of power

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So I purchased a mondeo titanium x sport 2.2 on a 2008 (08) yesterday. After 300 miles first day, I had no issue except one time the engine management light came on and car entered a sort of semi limp mode. Today I nipped out and on my way back the car revved hard, kicked out a load of white smoke. Then lost all power. I managed to nurse it into a car park. The car wouldnt restart stright away. Though when It did, it revved hard again and cut out. I left the car for an hour and when I went back to it and started it up it started fine. Then drove home with no issue. Except it is still pushing out white smoke and the smoke smells very dieselly. I am no mechanic, and stuck at work but was wondering if anyone had, had this issue before and if they diagnosed it and fixed it it. Thanks for any response I get

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White smoke on a diesel  is usually unburnt fuel, maybe due to an injector overfuelling. Check your coolant level isn't dropping, although it's unusual for  head gasket troubles on a diesel, its worth just checking just to eliminate

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