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MK8 Ecoboost airbox rattle ( solved )

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hello to all,

For a long time I've been suffering from this rattle coming from the air filter box, specially that pipe going into the box, it rattled like hell, it drove me crazy since it was obvious on accelerating on a low RPM, it sounded like a hole in the exhaust !!

I took a while to realize that the rattle is coming from the pipe ( which is of a low quality plastic actually ) , and to test it I rolled a tape around it , and the rattle had gone !!

I think some members here suffered from the same issue.

However, while inspecting another mk8 fiesta of a friend of mine his fiesta didn't have that rattle, he has the same air tube and air box , that made me think that there is something else wrong with mine.

upon further inspection of mine, I found that the air box is fitted to the chassis with three rubber insulators, two at the bottom ( red arrow ) and smaller one at the top (green arrow )  ( as shown in the pic ).

I took the air filter out, took the air pipe out, and then I removed the box, only two find that one of the two rubber insulators at the bottom has partially snapped out of its place, making the whole box leaning instead of sitting up right horizontally( and of course forcing the pipe to not be resting correctly in its position ) , and making the box contacting directly the chassis, that was the source of the rattle.

I refitted the insulator again correctly, put back the airbox , I removed the tape I previously put around the pipe, and tested again , wow the rattle had gone !! and I'm so happy 😄 

I don't know why this insulator snapped from its position in the first place, but for any reason I now knew the culprit 😄 

I decided to share this with you, sometimes a simple fix can make you go mad 😄 


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