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New EcoBoost owner - using it for motorsport.

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Hi All.

After a delivery driver reversed into my old car and caused it to be written off, I replaced it with a 3 door 100ps EcoBoost Fiesta Zetec in Copper Pulse. 

As a bit of background, I am a championship member of the local hillclimb and sprint championships for the Southwest. (ASWMC.org.uk). My previous car was a 2002 Audi S3, and I used it as both my daily and an event car. As I run in the road going classes, the car keeps the creature comforts and needs no mods to be eligible to compete.

The classes are banded by engine capacity, so this EcoBoost sits happily in the 'up to 1400cc' class. With a turbo/supercharger you have to multiply your CC by 1.4 to make it an even playing field with non-turbo cars. I have always thought the 1.0 ecoboost could be a very tasty competitor in this class, no-one else in there is running a turbo, so I should have a good torque advantage. As an example, others I have seen in this class are old Minis, Micras, Fiat Panda 100HP, so should be interesting.

For now, my plan is to get it remapped by Revo - there is a good dealer in my town so makes sense to go with them and its booked in for Thursday - and then compete in the first event on 16th May. Other than the remap it is stock. I could go the whole hog stage 2 right away, but I have learned that cars behave a lot differently at an event than they do on the road and I want to find out what needs doing first to make it better. Everything and anything I mod will be for the event, I am not aiming to mod for appearance or style. 

If anyone is interested, I can post progress of my motorsport exploits on here.


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Hi! Following this with interest as I'm thinking along very similar lines myself. I've had a fairly long break from hillclimbing but thinking of getting back into it and would like to build something I can use as a daily driver, so not going wild with spec.

The under 1400cc classes seem to be dominated by 1.4 litre NA cars and I think a stage 1 or stage 2 Fiesta 1.0 could be somewhere in the mix in terms of speed.

I'm torn between using a mk7.5 or mk8 though. The earlier car is a bit lighter (although the Ford figures for "with driver plus 90% fuel" aren't as far apart as some sources would suggest - there seems to be a difference of about 40kg) but the mk8 has a stronger box that could probably take the torque of the remap. The mk7.5 would probably need a gearbox conversion, especially with the additional strain of sticky tyres, although this would then give the option to put a diff in it, which I don't think is available for the mk8 1.0 (??)

Also the mk8 has rear discs, which would save me some work further down the line. 

Aaargh decisions aren't my strong point... 

@BeerJammer if you get the Revo stage 1, do you get a discount on the stage 2 if/when you do some further work on the car? Have you kept the standard suspension for now?

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