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Mondeo Vignale 2018 203BHP 2ltr Diesel 40,000 miles "Underboost"

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Hi Guys

First post here, sorry but it's a long one! :)

OK. So in November 2018 I bought a wrongly ordered Vignale. (Customer ordered Estate, it is a saloon). 
2 weeks later it developed a fault with the wheel bearing. Replaced under warranty
3 weeks later the steering wheel stopped responding to commands. Replaced under warranty
2 months later had to have the door panels off to tighten all the screws in it because of rattling. Done under warranty.
12 months later driving across Germany it went into limp mode. Diagnosed as the oil pressure switch. Replaced under warranty.
6 months later ABS stopped working. Pump failure. Replaced under warranty.

This leads me onto the latest problem.
At the beginning of March I was driving back from Romania. In France it dropped into limp mode. Pulled over. Ignition off and on and away we went. Got up to 80mph the spanner light came on again. Pulled over, repeat the ignition cycle and away we went again. As long as i kept it below 70mph it was fine.

So, booked into Essex Ford Southend on March 23. "Oh yes, it's the EGR". Replaced under warranty. Fully serviced, MOT, Gearbox Oil change. Drove out, 4 miles, spanner light again. This was at low speed.

Took it back and they said "Air Flow Meter". This didn't work. Then said "Boost pressure sensor". This also didn't work. Then said vacuum sensor on one of the turbos. That didn't work. Then said "ECU". That also didn't work. Fault is "Underboost". I asked if they smoke tested it to which they replied "We don't have one"..OK, so you at least checked all boost pipes? "Yes".. OK... So are we looking at turbos now? "Yes"...Two days later "Can't see anything wrong with the turbos"... We are going to have to call a field engineer out. Could be 2 weeks or more before one can come. Meanwhile they left me with the most amazing Kia Ceed, 3 cylinder, of which i personally think only 2 are working.

All this is under warranty. A bit of a lemon really considering the mileage, and most of that on motorways.

Anyway, anyone got any other ideas??? I'm pushing them to look daily at it instead of just waiting for an engineer, who could come as late as the end of May!

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Sorry but not much help regarding the issue you have but I'm surprised you still have the car in the first place ! 

Still under warranty but for me that not the point. It's the unreliability and the inconvenience. Also what happens when it's out of warranty and who's going to want it with its history of spending half its life in the garage getting repaired ? 



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My thoughts too!!! I've persevered with it as i felt everything replaced is something new on the car, thus less likely to go again. Although it had just 15 miles on the clock when i bought it, so it was basically new anyway.

It's the 11th time back now. This one being the longest.

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Hi, it would have been outside the dealership for a week with a large sign in the windscreen explaining why it was there. Then I'd let them try and fix it, if unsuccessful then another week outside the garage lol.

Have you contacted Ford Exec office or is all this still being done at dealership level?

I admin a really great Mk5 Facebook group, lots of knowledgeable members' and very active, it might be useful for you to join






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Ok. So the Black Peril has now been repaired. 

After replacing all of the above it turned out to be a pierced vacuum pipe leading to the back turbo that was causing the problem. Got it back now, XXXmph later (I wanted to do this speed as i go through Germany on Sunday and was testing it to make sure) and for sure it is now repaired. 

Let's hope at long last this is the end of all the problems!!

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That's the thing that gets me about garages and the way they 'diagnose' (guess) faults...if they change a part that doesn't fix the fault... the original part doesn't get put back on... and the customer gets charged for a new part that didn't fix the problem. Horrendous! 

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