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Mondeo Vignale upper grill

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Two weeks after purchasing a 2017 model, a pheasant decides to commit suicide by flying into the front grill. Went to my usual garage and they phoned for a price for a replacement part - £329 + VAT. Looking around on the internet, these particular grills seem to be very high priced - from Ford they seem to be £331 (doesn't mention VAT, but probably p&p on top).

i) why on earth are these things so expensive?

ii) is there a third party replacement available?

iii) do they come painted, or is that another cost to factor in?

I asked for a price as initially it looked beyond repair, but after hearing of the cost I decided that it was worth the risk to try and push/pull it into shape again. This has actually been quite successful - most people would have to look closely to spot a problem. If I have it replaced then another stupid pheasant (or some other form of wildlife) may well damage it again the day after it's fixed, so I'm tempted to leave it for now, but it would be good to know what the best solution(s) are for when it has to be changed. 

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I admin a really active Facebook group, we have contacts with breakers yards etc who may be able to help and also with aftermarket parts that might be suitable. Lots of our members change their grille etc so it's worth an ask on the group if you would like to join.






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