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My car is due a service which I'm looking at doing myself and I wanted to put some liqui moly additives to help clean some of the systems.

Has anyone used a bunch of them or various other additives and mixtures at once? If so, did you vehicle survive?

Thanks in advance.

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Don't bother, just use decent fuel and that will keep the fuel system clean enough. If you drive the car correctly, you should have no issues with deposit buildup.

I find fuel additives are used by the sort of people who drive an old banger because "modern cars have too many electrics that can go wrong", and think their old banger is a high mile warrior because it's just ticked over to 100,000 miles.

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Cos I do a lot of short journeys I used to use the odd can of bg244 or bg44.  These have a concentrated form of the cleaning additives that fuel has.

Ive also heard good reports of innotec turbo decoker



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