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Greetings from North Yorkshire

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I’m Al.  Thanks for the ad. 

long story short, 

I just bought a very low miles 2010 Mk 2.5 focus auto as i have always liked the look and have not owned a FORD since 1993 so it was time! 

Bought yesterday, first job was trash all the tyres after a very slow drive of 30 miles from vendor to my local tyre dealer to have 4 new premium tyres fitted. Accomplished this an hour after buying the car. One rear had a 4 inch flat on it. Obviously due to being dragged by a stuck drum brake at some point FFS 🤦‍♂️.  Test drive was conducted at max of 40 MPH to avoid shaking the windows out of the car..... I honestly don’t think the vendor had the slightest clue what was wrong with the car and I didn’t tell him. I could tell what I needed to know = car was a gem of a find with a badly damaged tyre that made it shake like a ***** dog. 
It’s now driving exactly as a 36,000 mile focus should be with brand new premium tyres all round 🙂 

Thus far, the only other thing I have found wrong is the reverse light had a crack at the very top and was totally full of water and It’s now in the bin. 
I’ll buy a new OEM unit from Ford. 

There is no engine cover, I wonder if that is normal......I suspect not but will soon learn.. 

car is in amazing condition inside and out, truly outstanding in every way. 

Plans are, 

jet-wash all silt (if any ) out of arch liners, fit new rear reverse light, preserve the heck out of it with ACF 50 and use it as Henry would have liked to see it used. 

There is no hint of rust anywhere on the body it’s like a car from southern Spain without the sun damage🙂

The rear subframe has a little bit of orange poking thru but that’s about it. 

Thats me, I’ll have many questions.










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