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Any free proxi alignment?


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Hey folks. Im new here and sorry in advance if this has been asked already or am in the wrong tab.

I am broke student that tries to keep my ford ka running, and looking for a cheep, if not free, tool to do a proxi alignment. Since my dealer wants at least 135 euro I’m trying my luck here!

Any tips and/or ideas are much appreciated!


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Can't say I've seen anyone doing or even needing one on a Ford.  It's the sort of thing Forscan is good for, and the adapter can be bought for £20 or so, but I honestly don't know if it has that specific capability as it's not a normal Ford procedure.

Makes me wonder if it'd use the same interface as the Fiat though...if so, you may have luck asking on a Fiat forum.

(PS - The thread is in the wrong place and will be moved or destroyed if a mod sees it lol :biggrin: )

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