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Hi All, First Post but I've been unable to find anything in historical questions that answer my questions but apologies if I have missed.

My Wife owns a 2011 S-Max which has taken over as our Family Car as we can no longer all fit in my Mondeo. We're planning some UK trips over the Summer but want to take the plunge and buy a mounted bike rack as we don't have a Tow Bar. Unfortunately, i'm a little lost as to where to start as it seems there is so much choice. Some websites ask you to specify the car, whereas others are classed as Universal. The cost variation is huge aswell. Just looking for some feedback on anyone who has one already and what I should be looking out for, do's & don'ts etc.




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Lots of bike racks when loaded cover the the lights and number plate so you may need to get a trailer board. I used to have a high lift bike rack from Halfords that mounted on several vehicles without obscuring the lights or plate, though as with a lot of " new improved versions" the new one isn't as good as the old one.

how many bikes do you intend to carry? I wouldn't carry more than two on a strap on type rack. Also after setting of with a rack and bikes stop after a mile or so and check, because even with the best will in the world the do work loose, especially if your first miles are on nor so good roads.

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If you're thinking of a roof setup, this might be of help.  When carrying stuff on the roof though, you have to ask yourself if you will remember that your vehicle has become 1M (plus?) higher when you go through places with low headroom!  My wife is so scared of this, it's put her off it a bit.  I got into this in 2016 but roofbox.co.uk is still selling the same brands etc.  I found the attached list of stuff well built and easy to use FYI.  The roof bars have been great and I've used them a lot, the last time was recently for an 8 x 4 sheet of 20mm OSB board I carried.

Roof gear.JPG

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