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P2002 Fault code - S-Max WA6 2007

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I've been the owner of a 2007 TDCI WA6 S-Max for almost a year and sadly its not been a great experience so far. We've had a whole host of issues ranging from EGR valve, Generator problems, DPF issues, Headlight an ABS issues, the list goes on...

The latest in a whole host of faults to appear is a p2002 (Particulate Trap Efficiency Below Threshold bank 1) which i've read and seems to be a prolem with the DPF (although i'm not 100% sure - mechanical novice). The motor warning light appeared roughly 500km's ago and i've since run a regeneration program and removed the code but after approximately 100km the warning light has re-appeared. I've also used DPF cleaning fluid on 2 ocassions since owning the car in the hope this may fix the issue.

What are the first things I should check for and where are the locations of the parts that need to be checked. Ive read its common that this could be a sensor pressure issue that relates to faulty tubing but i'm not sure.

I'm hoping to get as much information as possible in the hope I can repair it myself as the car has turned into a huge money pit.

All advice is appreciated! 

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