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mondeo tdci 2006; flashing glow plug but cleaning egr wont fix it

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Hi all

I have a 2006 tdci - 130bhp, 132k on the clock. Two years ago i had a flashing glow plug light then limp home mode after a few hours on the autoroute in france, coming to the UK for a holiday. Switched off ignition, warningwent, all ok. Problem recurred several times until i got to a UK ford dealer. They diagnosed the following - codes P132B turbo fault, P0405 EGR sensor low cicruit, P0401 EGR system insufficient flow. They quoted for new trubo and EGR - 2000 plus. Instead i limped back home to france, took off the EGR, cleaned it, problem solved. Problem then recurred so i replaced the EGR, all ok. Following little use during lock down, the problem has recurred. The car is noisy on start up - clattery - and grey smoke then settles down but just this week again its the flashing glow plug and limp home. I can easily clean the EGR again but wondering if people have other suggestions? My OBD2 reader cant read the codes unfortunately. 

any help appreciated 

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Hi, you must buy a reader that is good for Ford codes. I can recommend you buy one from Tunnelrat electronics, approx £20, it runs software called Forscan, which is a free download for Windows, or £6 for a version that runs on Android. Only then can you have a clue what is wrong with your Mondeo. 

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Hi , thanks for that, i will buy the reader you suggest. What i ahve doen is strip down the egr valve and inlet manifold and cleaned loads of oily sooty deposits from both - now the glow plug light has gone and the car feels back to normal. Moral of the story is to use the car regularly and give it a good run

thanks for the response


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