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Auto box problems


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Hi,I have a 2008 titanium x automatic, it revs through gears like the clutch is going but sometimes its fine and if you don't accelerate through gear changes its OK,any ideas? I am looking to sell but would like to sell as a working car not as is.

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As above it could be fluid level.

These auto boxes require a service every 37 thousand miles or 3 years and they can become problematic if this is ignored.

My advice is get it booked in for a gearbox service, it will cost you but at least when you sell you have the added value that it has had a fresh gearbox service and it's good for a while. 

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Rich, you are talking about the Getrag Powershift Transmission. That transmission was not fitted as early as 2008

Kateyln has a 2008 Auto - this transmission will be an Aisin Warner Trans and they have no official servicing schedule although of course it woyld be a good idea to have the fluid level checked

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