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Mk4 Mondeo jerking

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I'm  having problems with Mk4 2.0 HDCI Zetec 2009 Mondeo, I was getting fault code P2263 and going into limp mode especially when going uphill or under hard acceleration. I have replaced turbo boost solenoid, actuator sensor, MAP sensor, MAF sensor, Air intake temperature sensor and the ICP pressure sensor. I've also used Revive turbo cleaner,  the limp mode seems to be fine now however I'm getting P003A fault code and the car is jerking in 1st and 2nd gear sometimes in 3rd.
I'm needing help in identifying the cause and cure for my problem any help is appreciated

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I'd be tempted to clean your EGR, checking all your fluids for leeks and levels, reset all the codes and take for a good run keeping over 2k rpm for a good few miles.


Good luck with your Mondeo, it's just what I found with Google.


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Thanks Gaskell71, I started to clean egr valve but unable to get to the bottom bolt, I've have cleaned the egr to inlet manifold pipe and noticed a slight improvement. So  I have now  inserted a blanking plate on the same pipe and the car is acting brilliantly so far with no hesitation, I only want to use this as a temporary measure until I can get that bottom bolt off and give the egr a proper clean as that seems like the cause of my problem.  I'm not sure what size the bolt is or how to gain access to it 

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I think that bolt is a 5mm hex, if you've got a swivel bathroom mirror for shaving that fit below to spot the bolt.

Once that bolt is removed throw it away, even Volvo don't bother fitting that underneath bolt.

Dipetane is a good addative if your ever looking for one, Im trying a bottle now and cold engine performance has definitely improved with far less black engine oil from soot too.

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thanks Gaskell 71 got egr off cleaned and have used eco max in the tank and the car is running great and quiter. Took your advice and tossed the 15mm hex away took me an hour to get it off.👌

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