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i have oil leak on my car its 2.5t the leak is coming from under cam cover and leaking on to the engine mount at top of engine 

the car had new cambelt last august 

any ideas how much it will cost and will i need to renew cambelt because of oil contamination thanks

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There isn't a gasket on these engines, they just use an anaerobic sealant (and o-rings around the spark plug holes). It technically isn't a rocker cover either, as it houses the camshafts (therefore known as the cam carrier).

As it houses the camshafts, the timing belt has to come off anyway (once you take the bolts out, the cams will be free to move). It makes sense to stick a new belt on it.

Just make sure the garage uses a flange sealant that isn't silicone based (use Loctite 518 for example). Most garages that don't specialise in these engines probably won't know about this.

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The sealant and the 'O' rings form the gasket. There just isn't a physical gasket for example made of cork. The sealant and or O rings can still fail and have to be cleaned off and replaced.

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camshaft oil seal is where leak coming from 

so replacing that and crankshaft seal just to be on safe side

and putting new cambelt on even though the other one is 8 months old 

as other belt covered in oil 

not gonna get much change out £550 

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