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Mondeo Mk6 charging system failure

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I have a 2016 Ford Mondeo Titanium Tdci Auto 1997cc diesel. Whilst driving, the car displayed a message ‘charging system - service now’ and the battery light came on. 10 minutes later, the infotainment system said ‘battery saving’ and turned itself off. Another 10 minutes and I lost power steering. I limped it home. Just before I got home, the main display turned off and the car started juddering under power. I got it onto the driveway where it is now completely dead.

I have to suspect the alternator is not charging the battery, but would it lose power that suddenly while driving?


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Very likely alternator failure and the battery is also possibly on it's way out.

1 hour ago, Sidaho said:

would it lose power that suddenly while driving?

Yes, no electric = no running engine.

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Thanks. I’ve had it lifted to a garage. The recovery agent and the mechanic at the garage are both fairly confident it’s the alternator. Will post the final outcome.

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I assume that 80% of that cost was labour !!

Over the Christmas holidays I bought and fitted a service exchange alternator on my daughters 2010 Kuga, it cost £85

At least you have your car back and its working again 😀

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