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Got sat nav but need bluetooth

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Hi, new on here so forgive me for a repeat topic..!!! I have a 2008 Mondeo titanium x with touch screen sat nav unit. It works, sounds great actually which really surprised me, but have found the navigation  slow and clunky and screen quite unresponsive. bluetooth connection is fast, but disappointing that I cannot stream audio, only phone. It would be great to have dab+, bluetooth for Spotify, apps etc and a reversing camera. I can't believe that ford included dab on the non sat nav radio, but not on the so called premium upgrade unit🤔......eh? The only replacement I have seen is on eBay is like a Tesla type unit that looks like it deletes the climate controls(would anyone know if they inbuilt or moved elsewhere(don't know where though)). This is also coming from Hong-Kong so  possible build quality-reliability issues. Are there alternatives from the likes of Pioneer/Kenwood/Alpine, or does anyone have any experience with this unit from Hong-Kong because I'm not discounting it yet. It seems such a shame because this is the only area that let's the car down, because with the level of equipment v value for money is quite remarkable. Please help me out guys. I really like this car, but want to love it if I can modernise it to rival premium brands but at a fraction of the cost. Thank you all🙏🙏🙏👍

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