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Mondeo 2014 - Clutch replacement query

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Hi All,

I bought a UK Import 2014 Ford Mondeo (imported into Ireland) .. its the 1.6 TDCI ZETEC BUS ED E ECO SS 115PS 5DR model several years back.

My Flight wheel recently went, and I've been advised by several mechanics a new clutch replacement is the best option.

My main mechanic has given me two brands of clutch to get, but because its a UK import and he had hassle with a similar scenario previously, he is reluctant to put his hand on a brand and say that will fit 100%. He is relying on the motor factor he sources all his parts through. Sachs (more expensive) or LUK 510. 

I rang the local ford garage, who would not tell me what brand they recommend.. only quoted me for the job which wasn't cheap (there's a serious difference between my mechanic and the official ford). I also rang ford as a company who advised me to ring my local ford garage.

I'm looking for advice on what the recommended clutch replacement brand and kit is ... hoping there is some experts here who have come across this before and can assist. I'm happy to share the reg if it helps.

Appreciate your help


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If you go on catcar.info, and enter your vin,  you can then look up parts relevant to your own build. You should then find what the Ford part number (called a finis code) is for a replacement clutch. Don't forget to also change the csc (clutch slave cylinder at the same time)   once you've got the finis code you can do an Internet search and maybe find a supplier, or a pattern equivalent. 

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