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Mk5 Ford Mondeo Estate Titanium X - Fitting a St Line Body Styling Kit

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Hi There 

Vehicle: Mondeo Titanium X

Year: 2016

Mark: Mk5

Have just purchased a full ST-Line body kit from my local Ford dealer to fit on to my Titanium X Mondeo less the rear bumper lower skirt as they cant get it anywhere (apparently) & I'm having issues with the rear lower skirt parts

First of all I purchased a second hand lower skirt complete with diffuser, reflectors, towing eye cover & twin exhaust pipe chrome trims off Ebay - Seller stated on the add that it was removed from an accident damaged 2015 Mondeo estate ST Line, So I got it repaired & painted to suit my deep impact blue paint - When I went to fit along with my newly purchased tow bar assembly kit I realised it was never fitting - Contacted my friend in Trust Ford who later told me via the supplied lower skirt part number (DS7J-17F884-A) that it was probably off a Hatchback model hence why it wont fit on to the estate upper bumper.

Went back to Ford & tried again & they couldn't get me the right lower skirt (2328353 which supersedes 1893387) due to zero stock anywhere in Europe or UK 

I then tried Ford Online Parts & they had 3 accessory lower skirts (2328353) in stock so I purchased one of these only to find the twin chrome exhaust trims from the hatchback skirt don't fit the new estate skirt holes - Nightmare...!

I got the new skirt painted to suit the car & fitted the diffuser & towing eye cover to it but the chrome exhaust trims part numbers: (2363661 LH) & (2363663 RH) don't fit the new skirt - There are four variants of these chrome trims the other two part numbers being (2366185 LH) & (2366152 RH) but with these being £136 +VAT each from Ford I don't want to purchase these to find out they don't fit either - Looking on Ebay & other online sites there is more than 4 variants of these chrome trims with other different part numbers starting with DS73 & DS7J etc 

Ford cant tell me what trims suit what bumper lower skirts from OEM Ford part numbers (which I find hard to take in)

Does anyone know what chrome exhaust trims fit what lower bumper skirts ?

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I am admin on a very active and helpful Mk5 group on Facebook. You will find a lot of help and information there, and info on software upgrades etc.

Feel free to join us and have a see if we can help







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