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Newbie - Hi everyone, I have been a Skoda Octavia fan until this week.

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I have been a Skoda Octavia fan until this week when Skoda bought back my new Octavia MK4 following a catalogue of faults (many owners in this situation) and I am now in a Kuga 2.0 EcoBlue 190 ST-Line+ First Edition 5dr auto.

So far very pleased with the car which will be used in conjunction with our caravan touring both UK and the Continent.

I am pleased to become a member of your group and certainly can verity the use of such groups, the Britskoda Octavia group was certainly at the forefront of the fight owners had with Skoda UK and VAG in general.  It enabled owners who were being denied service to pressure Skoda to eventually accepting there where issues with their All New Octavia and eventually taking many off the road and either giving them a temporary replacement vehicle or as in our situation a full buy-back refund after 6 months ownership.

Anyway enough of that, hopefully we have a new and brighter future to look forward to.  Interestingly the Kuga has many of similar features to the Octavia but in this case they work and do not give repetitive, random and intermittent fault or indicate that a particular function is currently unavailable.  It was a nightmare although the car is a fantastic vehicle let down by un-perfective software.

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Hi Malc, welcome to the Ford Owners Club.

There will be one thing on your new Kuga that won't work, before you ask I'll say it isn't broke just accept the fact that most of the time it can't be bothered. So please be happy with your new Kuga and enjoy it but don't ask about the Start/Stop system 🤣

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Thanks, yes we have already found that the Start/Srop system doesn't work and have been trying to puzzle it out. 

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