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First car was a mk1 Escort 1300GT in daytona yellow with black vinyl roof and 46k on the clock. Sold it in the nineties for £700 and thought it was a good deal. Later owned a Cortina, Granada, Capri Laser and a few others. Currently own a County Transit 4x4 which is a modified Ford Transit by County tractors, but mine is running a Cummins 6bt engine and can be seen on youtube here:


Car wise the only Ford I own now is a Mondeo ST200 hatchback in white. hence joining the forum as am looking for some parts and would be good to liaise with other owners, the Mondeo Mk2's haven't had the reputation of other Fords but are now getting thin on the ground and the ST200s are fairly rare and usually in awful condition. Mine is white as I mentioned but not ex-police. Ford set aside a load of white ones for a police order but the police reduced their order as I understand resulting in Ford selling a number of white ones. Those out there now could be ex police or from this batch Ford sold. Mine is in this latter group never having been in police ownership. Here is a photo of the Mondeo, not the best, will get some more uploaded soon.



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