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Genuine COVID text issue

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FYI all, I've had jab one and the second is booked for Saturday the 12th which I've had a text confirmation for.  Got a text (the real thing) on Sunday from COVID Central or whatever they're called, saying "this is a message about your COVID-19 vaccination appointment on 11/06/2021" (a Friday).  I gave them a call and apparently they've had some system crash that has caused loads of random texts being sent out.  These include notifications of jab bookings cancelled, confirmations with incorrect dates etc.  So if you get one you'll need to call 119 and check to see if the message is valid or nonsense like what I had.  My one was nonsense and they said go with the original correct booking date.  Not ideal huh.

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There are loads of system problems with either the Jab or the covid trace App sending text and don't add up or are wrong as i have been there with self-isolate.


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