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Greetings! At 42 years young, I thought I might share my Ford history with you:

1986 1.1 Mk2 Fiesta in "hearing aid beige", my learner car and a complete shed. Enormous steering wheel, I recall.

1987 1.1 Mk2 Fiesta Ghia in a sort of petrol green colour. Loved this car, pepper pot alloys, some aftermarket steering wheel, and a K&N pancake filter on it that used to sound like the weapon it sadly never was. Driven way faster than it should have been. Brilliant fun.

2002 1.6 Mk1 Focus (basic) in Silver. Bought it for about £400 and never faltered once in the 4 years that I had it. p/x it for £100. Absolute bargain.

2008 1.6 Mk2 Focus Titanium in Green. A dependable car until the end when it started needing quite a lot of necessary work. Great spec, entirely gutless though.

2011 1.6 Mk3 Focus TDCi Titanium in Silver. Had it since Monday! This is the first car that me and the missus will share - she's still learning, so this will be my runaround until she passes, after which I fully expect to never get any time in it ever again.

I also own a Jaguar XE as my main car, but the engine has recently eaten itself, and as soon as I've spent the best part of £9k getting a refurb engine fitted, it's gone! I'll be looking to get myself a nice Ford after the Jag (nobody wants those sort of bills) but I'm not yet decided what. Possibly a Mk3 ST or a Mk4 ST if funds eventually allow it.

... and that's me. I've had plenty of other cars over the years, but I won't bore you with them here! Glad to have signed up, lots of really useful information that I wish I'd known about sooner! Cheers!

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