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Error codes Underboosting / Black smoke / Lack of power


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Good Afternoon 

Can anyone help with  the above

Have a ford focus 2011 1.6 tdci, driving home from work check engine light appeared on the dash followed by an alarm sound with the words engine malfunction appearing on the dash. before i could pull over as was stuck on a dual carriageway black/white soot was coming out the exhaust had no power barely could reach 3000rpm. pulled over switched off the engine. Called AA to get me home they ran a scan through it came up with a few codes main ones were

P0490 -P0405 Both related to EGR 

P2463 - DPF 

P0234 -Boost Control

And few 02 sensor codes.

Now after i got home went through each of the faults above, Cleaned and then blanked the EGR ( that error code has now gone) 

thinking it could be DPF i flushed it with DPF cleaner in the fuel, fault code went but still getting black smoke.

new error code appeared after driving it around the block. P0299 that's the only code that's now appearing Underboosting. So gone from overboosting to underboosting. 

called a DPF / EGR specialist and they said if soot smoke is coming out the end the DPF isn't clogged and is doing its job and i explained i blanked EGR cleaned it etc and he said i must have a vacuum leak split hose somewhere. now I've checked all the hoses from the turbo to airbox throttlebody intercooler (little oil there) (i recently changed the oil air and fuel filter). still cant find any leaks 

Driving the car feels like there's no power at all cant get past 3000rpm at best of times black smoke at 3000rpm anything lower no smoke.  struggles to climb hills took us few attempts to get it on ramps.  oil levels are ok, coolant also fine. no pools of oil anywhere i can see. leaking oil slightly from the second injector but its not throwing it out. 

Turbo seems to be doing its job ok ( don't know much about them but no rattling noise or oil surround the turbo) seems to be sucking and pushing air fine. Had someone look at the waste-gate apparently that's opening and closing fine no play.

Is there anything else I've missed or over looked.

any help would be great.


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Today I removed the turbo pressure boost control valve cleaned it out with maf cleaner reconnected it and now I have power back boosting well but it doesn't last for very long engin malfunction light comes on. im assuming it's faulty so I'll be replacing that and will update once it's replaced  

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