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Ford Mondeo 2010 1.8 Diesel Overheating

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Need some assistance.. 

Mondeo is constantly over heating within about 10/15mins of starting driving. Replaced expansion tank and thermostat but no good. 

When idling I can see the coolant level dropping but can’t find any leaks! 

Any advice? 

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Where to start.... are you getting any white smoke out of exhaust? If yes, then likely to be head gasket,  a garage should be able to do a pressure test, or a sniff test to detect traces of hydrocarbons in the coolant (tho harder to detect in a diesel), or you can buy a sniff test kit online. 

Are you getting heat from the heater... if not, then I'd suggest water pump.. as its tucked away you probably won't see a leak, and the coolant is probably drying up as if leaks out,  so you won't see any tell-tale drips. 

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No white smoke out the exhaust and runs fine so ruling out the head gasket. 

Booked it into a garage now.. heater runs hot for few mins then goes cold. Has to be leak just a very hard to detect one. 

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