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Brake light fault/engine system fault

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Hi all,I'm new to this and hoping I can get some help, I have trolled through numerous forums trying with so many people have ing issues, I have a ford focus ghia 2007 tdci, yesterday I was driving back from the shops and the car lost all power and steering went heavy with engine system fault on display so pulled over and restarting still engine system fault and no power, turned off and then the car  will only turn over and not fire so turned off ignition again and this time nothing, it won't turn over at all no power just ignition lights no click or anything, I'm also getting a rapid immobiliser light flashing while trying to start not the normal flashing it's much faster, it's intermittently turning over and won't fire then it will do nothing, I have disconnected the battery overnight and reconnected again with no change, I connected a ancel fx2000 scanner and it through up about 10 codes, I don't remember the codes now and have taken the battery out to charge overnight someone said a lot of the code's are false readings, they said something on the code's about can, another said about fuel additive, amd others, I will plug the code reader back in again tomorrow when I connect the battery, any help please would be very much appreciated

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Can't speak for the fault codes, but the whole thing with the immobiliser flashing, as you've probably guessed, is almost certainly the immobiliser doing it's work because it isn't recognising your key for whatever reason. Is that also the reason your car noped out? Not a clue. Maybe it is, maybe it's a combination of faults.

First port of call, largely because it's so simple and cheap, would be replacing the battery in your key fob. 

Could potentially be a blown fuse as well, might be worth giving them a check as well before potentially looking at more costly issues like a busted transmitter or immobiliser.



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Thank you, I did change the battery in the keyfob with a new battery, this didn't change anything, I also checked fuse 30 3 amp fuse and didn't see a clear break but put 5amp fuse in as it's was the lowest amp i had at my disposal, again no change to still same fault code and non start, what I can't figure out is why the car with turn over but wont start 1 minutes then if I try again it won't even turn over at all, I will have the main battery fully charged tomorrow and try it, will also pull the fuses, the previous owner has told me that it had a new alternator fitted a few months back, is it possible it could be a earth problem, the fuel gauge shows 87 miles, is it possible the fuel gauge could be faulty and diesel run out or even the fuel pump, sorry it's just busting my head trying to figure out why it has done this so suddenly, anyway I will try again tomorrow with a fully charged battery and put some more diesel in, and check again with the ancel for codes and post them here, thank you again for taking the time to reply, I will update tomorrow.

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I charged and put tje battery back in the car today, will turn over but not start, I put the code reader back on and my codes I get are u2012...car configuration parameter

U1900...can communication fault-receive error.

Eml light is on and rapid flashing red light between the temperature and fuel gauges, this is on position 2 on the ignition, what I have seen is people sayimg about the cluster but it is steady and no lights jumping all over the place, could this be a earth problem or fuel issue, the car will not start at all, any help please I'm at a total loss here.

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Just thought I would give a heads up with the car, I got nowhere with he car today and was just going to scrap it as it was doing my head in then the guy from the garage up the road from me stopped where I was closing the bonnet and he asked if everything was ok, anyway told him what was going on, he said leave the keys and he will get it towed to his garage, he called me about 1 hour later to say it was running and it was the immobiliser, he reset the codes and fired up 1st time, he said if it happens again the immobiliser will need changed, no idea how much that costs as he said it has to be done by ford of a auto electrician because it will need reprogramming, can anyome shed any light as to how much this would cost, also if anyome can tell me if FORscan will clear all codes if this happens again to keep me running till I get another car?

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