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70reg Fiesta ST Line X edition. Rear Brakes


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Hello. I think I have asked this question already. But Iv tried and tried but cannot find it anywhere.

So I need to ask it again Just in case.  My friend has the fiesta above  and got it a couple of months ago from a garage in Birmingham .  Then only one Sunday I saw his rear brakes and they where drum. I asked him about them and he said he had not noticed them. However I have another friend who had a older Escort a couple of years ago and that had all round disks. So Iv taken it on myself to find out.  So can anyone give me their thought about drum rear brakes on the 70reg 1500cc ST Line X edition.  I would have thought all round disks but I remove my thoughts in anticipation of some of your answers,

Best regards Andy

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10 minutes ago, OshB5 said:

So can anyone give me their thought about drum rear brakes on the 70reg 1500cc ST Line X edition

I'm not quite sure what your question is.

Is it you think that the car should have disc brakes all round ? Like all car manufactures Ford will have calculated the brakes required for that car, and since they have worked out that drum brakes are all that is required then thats whats been fitted. Of course if your friend had bought a higher spec vehicle which would have cost more then they would have probably got disc brakes on the rear.

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The front brakes do something like 80% of the work.

The rear ones don't generate anywhere near enough heat and aren't really needed for much more than the handbrake (which you could argue drums are better due to the larger contact area).

Let's be honest, the main reason is cost...

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I have a 21 reg st-line x with rear drums and was a bit disappointed at 1st after my old st-line had discs all round.

After driving around a bit and bedding them in, they’re actually less grabby than the all disc setup (Maybe to do with the MHEV regen setup helping braking).

I had to do an emergency stop this week and I can vouch for the effectiveness too! It went from 30 to 0 in literally a heart-beat (the one I skipped!), easily as good as the all disc setup.

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The Mrs has a 155bhp Mhev Fiesta StLx (Dec 2020) and this has brake discs all around. 

My 2019 140bhp StLx has disc brakes all around.

There was another thread regarding this earlier in the year.

I think some have them, some don't. Maybe higher spec does?

When renewal comes along for my car, I would genuinely be deterred if the StLx was to have rear drums fitted again as I personally think they look awful and would not buy another fiesta.

I asked our ford dealer and was told up to now as far as they aware, the new face-lift fiesta will be fitted with all around brake discs but only on the higher spec models.

Time will tell, or at least I would hope they would be a customer option upon ordering.


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I can't find the original thread either! 

I think we concluded that the rear brakes did so little work on MHEV cars due to the braking effect during battery regeneration, so drums were perfectly adequate.

Certainly the rear discs on mine can't do much as they seem to rust very quickly and the handbrake has been pretty poor since new, despite it being reported/checked/adjusted several times. Can't say I'd be at all bothered by drums.

On the looks thing, a neighbour has a newish Clio which has rear drums, but they have what appear to be cooling fins and look quite smart. Certainly better looking than Ford's effort.


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I prefer rear drums, from the point of view of maintenance they seem to go many more miles without anything needing doing in my experience. I  not saying I want front drums though, they just don’t provide enough braking power

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4 hours ago, Blatto said:

I wasn't aware they did a 1500cc ST line X fiesta?

Probably a result of "autocorrect" , "predictive text" etc.

Be nice if they did though - I'd rather like a bigger engine with the ST Line seats/suspension rather than the ST set up.

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