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Wintering a modern diesel.


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Looking for thoughts on laying up a modern diesel for the winter months. In the past before EGR, DPF and Cat converters I would without hesitation run the engine every three or four weeks to full temperature to get all the internals nicely coated in a fresh film of oil and drive out any condensation that may have formed.  However, my dilemma now is that the regular starting could bring coking problems in all the aforementioned items if the vehicle is off the road sorn and can't go for a blast. Thoughts on this gratefully received. 

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My thoughts would be make sure that the Ford Coolant/Antifreeze level is at least 50% or higher. Buy a trickle charger to keep the battery happy, park it in gear and leave the handbrake off, then lock up and forget about it until spring. 👍

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