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Trail Arm Bushes split


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Hi, I have been informed the trail Arm Bushes need replacing and the cost does not seem bad.  

However I have been advised that the whole rear suspension needs to come off to gain access to fit the trail arm bushes and that if a bolt has seized it is cut and a new bolt and arm is required.  Then if the next bolt is seized the same needs to happen and there is a domino affect on the repair cost.  

Does anyone have any experience of replacing the Trail Arm Bushes ? 


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On 10/21/2021 at 8:49 PM, Frembrit said:

I changed them on my 2011 car a few years ago...didn't have any problems with any nuts or bolts.

Watch this, it will give you any idea of what's involved

I guess the main potential issue is that in that "few years" the rear subframe will have spent it going rusty.

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