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DashCam deterrent, love it...


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Yesterday I had a minor motoring incident. On pulling into the slipway off a motorway, a lovely black Mercedes pulled into the right of me and started indicating to get on the same slipway. Now to me, an indicator is just that, an indication of your intention, it does not invoke an automatic right of way. Anyway, he slowed down realising I wasn't going to make a sharp braking action just for him, got in behind me, and at the next lights, he pulled up on inside lane beside me, rolled his window down, and started giving me much verbal.

I simply held my finger up at him (backwards), the universal sign for 'could you hold on a minute?'. Then I unclipped my dashcam (magnetic mount), and pointed it right at him. He immediately shut up, and burned rubber as he sped off. Getting caught at the next lights in the wrong lane, he was indicating right, me being the bigger man (LOL), I gestured to him allowing him out in front of me.

I really do like my dash cam, cheap crap quality, but does have it's uses...

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