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Starting a mondeo with a dead keyfob


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Quick query I saw a tutorial for starting a Mustang with a dead keyfob the other week and it showed them putting the key into a recess in the cup holder and wondered where the location was to drop the key in the car for a mondeo for it to pick up and start?

I've had a key die on me before in a previous car and nearly got stuck so this would be handy

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On 10/24/2021 at 3:04 PM, Jonro2009 said:

Look in the armrest and in the large compartment at the front left corner there should be a small pocket for the key. 

Found it, cheers for that hopefully I never need it but you never know.

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The battery in the fob is primarily for the central locking, the immobiliser chip can be read passively if it's close enough to the pickup antenna under the cup holder.

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