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Pincher bolt


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1 hour ago, Luke4efc said:

Have you got the nut off? If not then use heat. Otherwise it should come out if you spin it and hit it hard enough.

Done all that not off gold knows how many times I've hit it plus my husband and friend just will not budge this is a new one on all of us 

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Twice I have had this sort of a problem at home.

First time was removing a track rod end. it was welded to the track rod as far as I was concerned. Put it all back together and went to my favourite local garage and asked them just to fit a new track rod end please.

Second time involved the focus rear suspension. The big bolt at the bottom holding everything together would not budge. I took the car into work and the coach repair mechanic also failed to move it. In the end he took an angle grinder to it and I had to purchase several new rear suspension arms with sundry bolts etc to rebuild it. It was bad because the car, when with the previous owner, was kept right by the seaside and badly rusted underneath.


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This probably won’t help but it might (as this helped me get a flywheel off a Yamaha motorbike recently). We don’t all have a heat facility or if we do it might be too big a flame and damage surrounding items. To help you need to heat the outer quickly so it expands before the heat conducts to the inner. Once the heat conducts to the inner then that expands also and the advantage is lost. I poured a kettle of boiling water over the outer and the got to work on it a split second later before the heat conducted too far. It worked for me on my motorbike .

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