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Powershift issue after replacing clutch part 1814160


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Since they have replaced the part 1814160 (240PS Clutch) there is an issues sometimes when braking and stopping.

Just before the stop you feel and hear a klonk sound.

See video....(sound is much louder and higher in the video then in reality)


https://www.dropbox.com/s/5w19zj1ad5migdg/2 pc.MOV?dl=0

Also I have a 203PS Mondeo.
Not sure if he really replaced it with the 240 Part (and not the 203PS 1814159 part).


They have reset the powershift twice and used the new learn procedure but sometimes it's still there.

It only happens in the beginning of the day when everything is not at operating temperature.


Anyone an idea about this ?





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Hello, yes, I have noted this thread but I cannot advise any part that would cause this specific fault, we all know how "difficult" these transmissions can be when they go wrong - hence no replies from anyone really.
The DCT450 is one name but internally there are a few parts that have different part numbers depending on whether the trans is fitted in specific diesels, and 203 or 240 ps petrol models.
I know the front clutches have different part numbers depending on the model but i don't know what happens if the "wrong" clutch is fitted.
I do know that certain parts, like front clutches, are available as reconditioned units, even from Ford dealers, and, although it is going back a few years, "swedeshoebox" on TalkFord site (massive thread with photo's of his rebuilds in Sweden)


had lots of problems when he was supplied with reconditioned front clutches. Genuine brand new parts were the way to go.
This site gives a breakdown of some of the parts and different part numbers.


I can't see how fitting the wrong front clutch would give you the fault you have but sorry, I just don't know
Edward, you don't say where you are located - a Volvo dealer may also help you as the DCT450 is also fitted to numerous Volvo models

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