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Alternator upgrade


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So my alternator has finally given up the ghost and new one arrives tomorrow..

As I've added a bunch of optional extras to my car, 

Heated seats
Xenon headlights/washers/levelling
Full keyless entry and start
Factory sat nav

and probably more i've forgotten

I chose to go for a 150A alternator as mine is the 120A currently

I've read somewhere it needs to be configured in the PCM to work properly, no problem

Only issue is, it's in the VID block of the PCM configuration, which can't be changed without re flashing the entire ECU.

My car also has a stage 1 remap with EGR removal software...

On previous focus/cmaxes I've been able to download the PCM map, save it, edit VID block and reupload, however on this car I can't for some reason as ELMConfig bugs out right at the end.. I've bricked 2 PCMs already this way

What I'm asking essentially is ... will the new alternator be ok without PCM update? and does anyone know any other way at all to tell it it's now 150A?

Thanks in advance!

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