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Focus 2008 passenger door disaster


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Hi all

Hope you can help? I am on this forum hoping for suggestions. My other half scraped the focus when entering the drive at too sharp an angle. The damage is not pleasant but the car is old (2008) and we are not bothered about having it resorted to former glory. We have been quoted from £500 to a grand for the pleasure but are not that bothered about cosmetics, (the accident also revealed some previous filler so we are happy to just patch up).

The big problem is the rear door handle was pranged off. I can get the moving bit back in but the smaller piece won't clip in and I suspect this maybe due to the collision point being right where the handle is. I have tried to loosen the inner grip screws but still it won't clip in.

My question is.....If I buy a scrap part can I, with home tools (and a bit of a budget to buy more tools), refit an internal and external rear passenger side door handle and internal mechanism?

The car is a 2008 Ford Focus Style.

Enjoy the photos!!! and any advice would be much appreciated.





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If you take the internal door panel off you will be able to push a lot of that damage out using some soft wood and a cloth pad. Then your old handle may well fit again.

all you need is a few small spanners and maybe a set of Torq drivers.

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