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steering knock how to re grease steering shaft


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Hi There,

             Just had a go today what a job, first thing position both top and bottom bolts for undoing and rebolting, Using steering wheel turn

to best place when your happy with position wheel lock to nearest position or mark up or even tape steering to plastic shroud to stop any

major movement. Then 12mm socket for bottom bolt holding column to steering rack linkage top bolt E12 torx but you can use 10mm socket

(12-pointed socket). Bottom easy to remove top bolt much harder due to obstructions. Once bolts removed then remove column by telescoping

in together and shaft comes out, next clean up any excess grease and regrease Do not pull apart column which is made up of tube sliders with

splines inside push together only and to out to stop point. the difficult part is removing old grease and adding new grease to splines as they

not exposed try sliding tubes to open stop position then use strips of rags forced in from knuckle end to clean out then add new grease on end 

 flex cable to smear around splines then try moving tubes in and to get smooth movement once it feels smoother then replace column back

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I too had the knock, I never loosened anything off or tried to separate the joint, I got messen some spray grease and an old bed sheet, covered the whole floor/carpet with the bed sheet, then blasting the hell out of the joint whilst turning the steering wheel left & right, the annoying knock soon went away, allowed the grease to set, then wiping off the grease with the old bed sheet....job done.

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Hi Sam, Used high temp grease ( Lithum Grease,or PTFE Grease and or silicone Grease ) this will not dry out when the steering coloum gets warm from the electric motor steering at speed. Any of the above will do just make they are high temp covered, I used lithum as that what was in my garage, The cv joints are sealed so i just cleaned them up with rag.

              Hope That Helps Henry

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