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WANTED - Mondeo Estate, preferably a Ghia, no later than 2000 reg


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Hi all, 

Apologies if this isn't the correct etiquette, I'm in the process of selling my current vehicle in order to get the above mentioned car.

I had an LX estate many years ago and absolutely loved it, i would love an st24/200 however they're definitely out of my price range, so the 1.8 or 2litres are fine, leaning more towards petrol (mpg isnt a concern for me).

Had a look online and could only see two or three for sale that were either too much for me to deal with or too expensive, i dont mind something that needs work as long it isn't welding.

Thanks in advance.

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So are you after a mk2 or a mk3....2000 was the changeover year.... if mk2 then there aren't many spares around for them... the driver's seat back breaks and is an mot fail - a friend with a mk2 got one by the skin of his teeth to save it from the scrap yard. If its a mk3 estate, then be aware that on the rear crossmember (isn't called a subframe on the estate), where the  rear spring tops go, and is part of the rear crossmember, tends to rot and is an mot fail and any scrapyard replacements might be just as bad as no new ones around.  Just saying, beware..... careful what you wish for! 

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Hi, yeah im looking around 1,500.

Thanks for the warnings i will check if/when i view some! A friend of mine is a welder, just wishful thinking maybe on my part regards minimum rust haha, im not sure on the mark, i had a 2000 reg, maybe a facelift mk1? aslong as its before 2001 (cheaper tax).

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