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Aftermarket Reversing Camera in a MK4 Focus Estate 2018 Reg (Sync 3.4)


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Hi guys, 

My name is Christian, and I'm new on the forum. First of all, if I make a mistake with posting this and will be against the rules, please don't go hard on me. I apologize in advance. 

I searched the internet all over, and I could not find any clear tutorial about installing a reversing camera in my Ford Focus Estate mk4, 2018 reg (with parking sensors front and rear), to work directly with my Sync 3.4 screen. 

I found one or two options in the UK, from a company in Scotland (I won't give any names or links, unless you allow me to) which provides a full kit, including the harness and everything, but in their video, they don't mention anything about the installation process. It's just a proof video that the camera actually works.

I believe this is fair enough, since they  invest time and money in this business, and wouldn't like someone else to steal their idea (similar cameras could be found for around 30 USD on AliExpress for example, but the Chinese sellers offer very little support, or inexistent). However, I wouldn't dare to spend around 300 quid for this kit from these guys, if I don't have some clear instructions of how to locate the radio unit in my vehicle and what do I need to do in order to remove the trims safely and not cause any damage to the car. I got in touch with them inquiring about these things but they seemed very suspicious about me asking these questions (maybe thinking that I try to copy their business idea or something like that), and kind of got rid of me quickly, giving me some vague answers and nothing more. 

Has anyone successfully managed to install one of these in a similar car like mine? I am quite technically minded, and I have the tools to remove the trims etc, but I need some guidance, in order to make sure that I don't damage anything.

I attach a couple of pics with my Sync version and model. If you need further information about the vehicle, I am more than willing to provide you with this.

Kind regards, 


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I have installed an after market reverse camera on my 2019 Focus Mk4 Estate. I even posted a bit of a write up here on the forum. I bought the new tailgate handle and the connecting lead for the APIM from eBay. Total cost was under £70.

I have to say the picture quality is excellent and the camera works with the reverse sensors so shows the picture of the car in the top corner of the display. There is a BUT.

The parking lines do not move with the steering wheel. To get this function it involves a lot more work, and a lot more cost. Yes it would be nice to have but to be honest I've got used to the lines not moving so it's not a problem.

You will have to take 70% of your interior to bits, its not a job for the faint hearted.


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