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Sync 2 resetting

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Hi all

I have a 2016 Mondeo with a Sync 2 system. The last few weeks the system has taken to resetting and carrying out System Maintenance every time I drive. I can connect my phone and set the Sat Nav and it all starts OK. Then, after 5 minutes of so the phone will disconnect. Then a few minutes after that the sat nav will error with a message that there is no card. Then the screen will hang and can't be used and will then eventually restart and say it is carrying out maintenance. Once it's done everything will come back and start working. Occasionally it will do the it again on the same journey. If I press the power button and the right radio scan button it will do the soft reset and come back.

I have checked that there are no updates for the system. I'm not sure if it's a software issue, a head issue or perhaps something up with the USB and SD ports in in the arm rest.

If anyone has any ideas that would be great before I give in and take it to Ford.



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its most likely to be with the sd card or slot.  first thing to try is to remove the sd card and see if the problem still happens.  if it doesnt then you know its the sd card.  does it happen if your phone is not connect?

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