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Car juddering


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Hey I know nothing about cars I've got a 13 Ford fiesta 1.0 ecoboost never had a problem was serviced a few months back but yesterday It started bunny hopping down the road then engine light come on and I couldn't drive it without it shutting down called RAC and had these fault codes produced which I know nothint about







Cant get to a garage due to everywhere being closed 🙄 😭 hoping someone may be able to shed light what could be wrong and praying for an inexpensive fix 


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I have not looked up any of those codes. But codes held in the car are not dated and can still show if not currently causing the problem. I would always recommend clearing the codes and then see what codes reappear when the car is driven again. To give a clearer picture.

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I have looked up the codes. You might be lucky and it might be something simple like map sensor or split turbo hose.  But things are often not that simple. Did the rac man actually check anything or did he just read the codes and then rush off for his dinner. With those codes it might have been nice if he had a look at turbo hoses and electrical connections on map sensor or turbo to see if anything obvious amiss. I know it’s emergency breakdown service so if you’re at home they don’t really need to help that much as they don’t need to do anything to get you home. But a 5 minute look for something like a split turbo hose could help a car owner suffering much bigger bills and hassle.

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Since your 1.0 Ecoboost has made it past 100,000 miles it's worth celebrating. 🎉

I assume that the wet belts have not been replaced as yet ? If that is the case then it will cost between £1200 & £1400.

Clear the codes and see what comes back. It is the only way that you will get the true picture of what is wrong. Is the oil pressure warning light acting normally or is it staying on a little longer when you first start the engine ?

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Ignoring the fault codes. From the description you gave of what first happened it sounded like maybe running out fuel. But from the fault codes I can’t see anything that points to fuel pressure. If for example there was water in the fuel I don’t know how that would show on fault codes.   Had you recently refuelled?  Occasionally petrol stations do have problems with water getting in their tanks and then it goes into cars.   I’m not saying it is that.   Just saying it’s not impossible.  As water will always go to the bottom of your tank and the fuel pickup is at the bottom then if there is a problem with water in the fuel it is usually apparent very soon after refuelling like a mile. 

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On 3/10/2023 at 1:21 PM, Tom W419 said:

Did you manage to resolve this issue?

I have the exact same problem on my fiesta.

Many Thanks


Holy thread revival Batman!


Given that the Op hasn't logged into the site since 04/01/2022, I don't fancy your chances of getting an update!


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