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Rear parking/reversing sensors


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Hello all, I have a ford fiesta 2007 1.4 1.6v zetec and I'm really hoping to be able to fit some aftermarket reversing/parking sensors on my rear bumper tomorrow 😱😱 (7/3/22)


Obviously I am planning on testing all sensors etc before I start to fit them, just in case one doesn't work after drilling holes. I know where to put the sensors on the bumper and the location where the joining box is going to go and how to wire the sensors up etc. The thing I don't know is how to feet the wires up from the rear bumper. I've taken the plastic trim of the bumper latch to see if I can see right through anywhere but nope and I've also looked up under the car where the bumper is and can't seeing anything there either. Please please please can someone give me some advice? I've been wanting to do this for ages now but I chickened out due to making holes so now I've got the items and built up the confidence so I don't want to turn back now 😂😂


Can I drill a small hole myself in the boot? Just big enough to allow the head if the connectors through basically? Is that something that is easy to do?


Thanks all

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1 hour ago, Midge8209 said:

Sorry not sure what you mean

This thread is posted in the Mountune section, when it should probably be in the Fiesta section. :smile:


I don't know the answer to your question unfortunately.  There are usually several plastic or rubber bungs around the boot floor in cars.  But if you can't find one of those in the right location, then yes you can just drill a hole in the floor.  You'll need a good quality HSS drill bit and either a decent battery drill or ideally mains powered.  Make sure to use a grommet before pushing the wires through and I'd also add a bit of sealant to lock & seal all the wires in place where they go through.

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