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Diesel Locking cap for 2020 Tourneo Connect


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Hi Guys,

Anyone know where I can buy a locking cap for a 2020 Tourneo Connect please? With diesel prices hard on the heels of GOLD prices I think its time I took more care of the diesel purchased.

I know these exist for older models, one even covers the AdBlue filler cap at the same time.

But do these fit the later model fillers?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the reply alexp999.

It's not that I've suddenly become neurotic, but the fear of what a demented idiot can PUT INTO the tank that bothers me, hence the desire to lock the cap or the flap.

I had a lock fitted to my old Citroen Picasso MPV filler flap for peace of mind and I suppose that I could have the same done to the Tourneo.

Water in the diesel can be a real pain. Takes ages to get rid of it.

Thanks again.

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Just leave it as empty as you can. Any thief will lie under it and give it a tap to see before they bother. They'll all know about the ford system. it's a pain to nick fuel from so they'll be quite unlikely to rip your flap off. More likely to go for the filler hose or pump hose if they do. 


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