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Olfder Or Newer Fiesta

sarah streetka

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The newest shape (Mk7) is the biggest fiesta there has been.

Boot not massive but for a car the size of a fiesta i fail to see why you'd need a lot more, if you do buy a focus.

and the Mk6 is a good car and I had one but the Mk7 is a totally different car (in my view)

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The MK 7 is leagues ahead of any previous Fiesta or supermini come to that, won pretty much every award inc car of the year 09.

See this for a list of reviews, picking my new one up today in 1 hour 23 mins - can't wait!

Car of the year 2009.

Times online 4 * - What it is, in fact, is an entirely conventional hatchback dressed up in some exceptionally pretty clothes and executed with a degree of finesse hitherto unseen in this kind of car.

Clarkson Times motoring 5*- I say again. It is a cracker. And, like the original Focus, it is a cracker to drive as well. Demonstrably better than anything else for the same sort of money. It’s a mind-blowing car. Yes, you can get a roomier Far East box for less, and you would do just that if you lived in a house made from bamboo. But you don’t. And because none of your children has ever been eaten by a crocodile, believe me, this is one of those cars that tick and tickle every one of your western boxes.

It’s sensible. It’s well priced. It’s much more comfortable and quiet than you have any right to hope for in this part of the marketplace, and because it’s made by Germans, it’s well bolted together too. But most important of all, it’s so much more than a tool. So much more than a white good. It’s fun. And as a result, I shall do an unusual thing and award it five stars.

Car magazine 5*- Well, you’re looking at the most talented supermini currently on sale, so yes, and the fact is that this Fiesta will surprise you. And it’ll continue doing that every time you drive it, because in no way does it feel like standard 1.2-litre supermini fare. Class leader, remember what the original Focus did for C segment hatches?. Now Ford’s gone and done it again for superminis, It’s stylish, sharp, chuckable, refined and spacious.

What Car 5* - The suspension is soft enough to smooth out lumpy roads – even the worst bumps in town can do nothing to upset it – yet the car is still wonderfully agile and involving. The Fiesta is one of the quietest cars in the supermini class. The engines are extremely smooth, and there’s only a hint of wind noise down the side of the car at the national limit. As for road and suspension noise, they’re so well contained that you’d swear you were in a much larger car .

Evo - It has the firm but controlled ride of a truly rigid car calibrated by people who love driving, it leans hardly at all, and both brakes and five-speed gearbox work exactly as you would like them to. This is a great small car. The as-yet- unconfirmed ST version should be a cracker.

Telegraph reliability survey taken from Which magazine .

The 10 most reliable cars

1. Honda Accord (2008-present) 98.5%

2. Honda Jazz (2008-present) 98.2%

3. Daihatsu Sirion (2005-present) 97.5%

4. Hyundai i30 (2007-present) 96.8%

5. Ford Fiesta (2008-present) 96.2%

6. Honda Jazz (2002-2008) 95.9%

7. Honda Civic Hybrid (2006-present) 95.7%

8. Citroen C1 (2005-present) 95.7%

9. Toyota Prius (2004-present) 95.0%

10. Mazda 3 (2004-2008) 94.4%

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