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Rear Seat Stuck

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Hi all. I have a Fiesta 1.25 LX 2004 model (54 reg). It has a split folding rear seat. The problem is that the larger section of the backrest has become stuck. The latch will not release, and the handle on top of the seat is has lost all resistance. I guess that the connection between the handle and the latch itself has become broken or dislodged. The smaller portion of the backrest still folds/latches ok.

Firstly, is there anywhere I could poke a screwdriver etc to release the latch enabling me to fold the seat?

Secondly, any advice would be appreciated regarding getting at the parts of the latch inside the backrest. It is not obvious to me how to do this.



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I have the same problem and i have a temporary fix as only the ford garage can get the parts to fix it.

if you take out the loose bit on the handle it just clips in on either side of the outer plastic rim, then once that is out it is just a case of pulling the little handle inside up.

this is just a temporary fix though.

the cause of this problem is when the seat is down and the red bit is showing if you push it back so the red bit doesn't show while the seat is still down then this snaps the hook in the plastic bit that you take out to get inside it.

hope this helps and if you find out where anybody might sell the parts to fix it please could you pm me.

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